Thursday, May 03, 2007

Cialis/Viagra: Be Wary of What You Wish For

I had heard about it before, but I now realise for real that the relentless assault on my TV viewing time by American prescription drug companies is truly overwhelming here in USA.

The other night, I was indulging yet another TV ad for Cialis during a commercial break in Yankees v. Red Sox game.

I was mildly amused by the usual TV spiel full of innuendos and knowing winks.

Then the narrator hit the inevitable small-print disclaimer bit, where his speech goes into sonic speed, becomes inaudible and incomprehensible, on purpose.

Nevertheless, a sentence clung on to my ear drum somehow.

He said,

"If you suffer from erection lasting more than 4 hours, consult your doctor."

Firstly, I thought,

"Surely, anyone using that sort of drug would have sufficient sexual experience to know how to masturbate..."

Then I thought more deeply (honestly) about the tragicomedy of a geriatric with hard-on which serves no useful purpose.

Surely, there are causes for impotence or "ED" (erection deficiency) which are easy enough to explain.

Like, he may not be sleeping very well, not eating properly, too tired, too stressed at work.... or he may be just plain too old.

Instead of paying for expensive drugs and suffer the risk of 4-hour erection, one may consider sleeping more, eating better, rest and relax. Why not take up Yoga or meditation? How about just taking a holiday?

As for the old age, perhaps such an old man should not engage in too exciting sexual activities if he does not want to suffer an ignonimous end to his life.

I know that my sexual drive is not what it had been and I know why. Our 5-year-old son is draining any sexual chemistry there may be left in me.

I am not complaining, though.

After all, it's only natural.

Animals do not mate unless they are ready to bring up another set of offspring.

I would be grateful and happy if it comes back when my son is old enough to go to summer camps.

In any event, like any other healthy man, I had hit the height of my sexual prowess at the age of 17 and had been on a irreversible decline ever since.

Of course, I do not wish to accept for the rest of my life the level of sexual activity similar to those of once-in-a-lifetime type of animals (like... dragonflies). Neither do I wish to give up everything just because I am getting old.

However, I have more important things to do in my day-to-day life than defying my predetermined biological nature or fighting back the march of time.

If you want to enjoy a healthy sex life, you must lead a healthy life, rather than jumping on to an easy solution of some dubious chemical concoction.

It's just accepting the way things are.

It is also accepting the simple truth that, if you want to change something, it would be much easier to change the way you are and the way you see things rather than trying to change the way things are.

This may be good starting premises for discussion on the pitfalls of American values and way of life, but that would be for another occasion.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Blood Runs Through It

I never thought it would be possible at my advanced age, but I received a rejection letter today.

New York Blood Center refused to accept my offer of blood donation on the basis that I had spent way too much time in UK prior to the discovery of CJD, or Mad Cow disease.

Sad realisation: in the eyes of those hard-working lovely nurses, I am no better than somebody who had shot up some dope or paid for sex recently.