Saturday, March 31, 2007

O-ba-chan (Granny)

Out of the miserable mess that has been Paul McCartney's brief marriage to Heather Mills, she may be the one who has gained most.

I am talking about Yoko Ono, of course.

Yoko has had to endure some pretty nasty treatment at the hands of public, who have perceived her to be forever milking her deceased husband's legacy.

Now, in comparison to sheer bloody-mindedness of Paul and Heather debacle, Yoko seems like a pretty harmless Japanese granny she has always been.

I still cannot stand her music, though.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Final Four

So, it is the college basketball season here in U.S.A.. Never knew.

Being a short, squat and none-too-fast athlete, basketball has been a bit like lesbian sex for me: it looks interesting but I cannot take part.

Wrestling and rugby have been my game.

Then I watched last night NCAA Women's Basketball games on ESPN.

I realised then that women's game is much more accessible. Unlike those of their professional counterpart, their games are less of freak show and I can actually read and/or follow their game plan and tactics.

And I have become a fan of Candace Parker of Tennessee. My god, she is talented. Height: 1.93m... wow... I wish I were that tall...

I was supporting Purdue, who went down against University of North Carolina. Too bad. Still, any college team whose fighting song is called "Sex & Beer" gets my vote any time.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Vetting for Mile High Club Membership

Off to New York.

Flying Business Class is sure nice. All the flight attendants call you by your name.

Then it occurs to me. Now that I am a proud member of the Marco Polo Club, Cathay's premier frequent flyer programme, they all know that I am married with a kid from their membership database.