Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Final Four

So, it is the college basketball season here in U.S.A.. Never knew.

Being a short, squat and none-too-fast athlete, basketball has been a bit like lesbian sex for me: it looks interesting but I cannot take part.

Wrestling and rugby have been my game.

Then I watched last night NCAA Women's Basketball games on ESPN.

I realised then that women's game is much more accessible. Unlike those of their professional counterpart, their games are less of freak show and I can actually read and/or follow their game plan and tactics.

And I have become a fan of Candace Parker of Tennessee. My god, she is talented. Height: 1.93m... wow... I wish I were that tall...

I was supporting Purdue, who went down against University of North Carolina. Too bad. Still, any college team whose fighting song is called "Sex & Beer" gets my vote any time.

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