Thursday, March 12, 2015

Citizen Genet and Benjamin Netanyahu

Despite the American right's penchant for seeking the authenticity for their political wisdom and stance from their Founding Fathers, nobody seems to be mentioning the charming episode of endearing Citizen Genet, the French Ambassador to the newly established United States, in relation to the recent visit by the Israeli Prime Minister.

Citizen Genet appealed directly to the American people's support for the revolutionary government of France and its policy of war against Britain, by-passing the President. Sounds familiar? Even Secretary Kerry said that the recent event is unprecedented, but it was his illustrious predecessor, Jefferson, no less, who was stirring the pro-French sentiment from inside the cabinet.

After failing to secure the American support, Genet, instead of facing the real threat of guillotine on his return to France, married well into the New York's monied society and settled in Hudson Valley, the late18th century equivalent of fellowship at the Project for the New American Century or the Heritage Foundation, I suppose.