Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Cultural Observation - Why Asian Girls Are Such Teasers

Because they associate "youth" with sexual innocence. On the other hand, the modern western culture associates "youth" with being sexually active.

I know, I know... a useless cultural generalisation and observation... it's just my brain farting.

I use "Asian" here to cover, roughly, the Japanese, Korean and Chinese, by the way.


Sage said...

Are you trying to "brag" or "weep"?

I use "brag"here to cover, roughly, "Hey I am still going out with these young chics!"

I use "weep" here to cover, roughly, "That slap on my face hurt!"

Yute the Beaute said...

I am "whining" because you-know-who has just yanked my leash so hard that my neck hurts.